Foyer Lighting: Enhance the Entry to Your Home

Lighting your foyer is essential to home staging and decor as the foyer is the first room that guests will see when they enter. Great foyer lighting will set a great first impression of what the rest of the home is like.

A foyer is generally referred as the entrance lobby, which requires large lighting fixtures for better visibility and to improve visual appeal. Before searching for foyer lighting, you need to determine its appropriate size. Take the sum of the width and length dimensions of the room to determine the ideal width of your foyer light. Consider as well the height of your foyer’s ceiling. A hanging fixture should fall at least 7’ from floor, but be tall enough not to look flat in the large space.

There are various types of lighting you can use to enhance the look of the entire house. Chandeliers are a timeless choice for foyer lighting. Other fixtures such as bowl pendants and spot-lighting are quickly gaining popularity since they offer a slightly more casual look and diffused light quality. Spot-lighting is often used to flatten a surface and it is lit through overhead lights. You can use this type of lighting if you want to highlight specific parts of the foyer, which can have a pleasantly dramatic effect.

If the ceiling in your foyer is not high enough for a hanging fixture, you can opt for a semi-flush mount. Semi-flush lights offer more widespread illumination than flush lights and are also available in highly upscale styles.

Consider placing your foyer lighting on a dimmer switch so that you can change the level of lighting according to the time of the day. With this tool, it is easy to create any specific ambiance you are looking for. Dimmer switches are another essential tool in home improvement convenience and are relatively simple and inexpensive to install.

Remember that foyer lighting may be seen from the second story if a stairway provides access to the upper level of the home from the entry way area. Make sure that whatever lighting you select, the foyer will look good from whatever vantage point is viewed. Your home’s entry sets the tone for the rest of your home, so choose a high-quality design that truly represents your unique style.

Cindy Daniel
Oklahoma City Real Estate


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