Installing Quartz in Your Bathroom

Quartz is one of the hottest kitchen innovations popularly used for countertops and bathrooms. One of the main reasons why quartz is widely chosen is because it works well with any decorating style. If you’re planning on using quartz for beautifying and updating your bathroom, it would be wise to know it’s strengths and weaknesses.

Quartz is a gorgeous product that is guaranteed to increase the value of your home. The fact that it is a manufacturable product ensures that it can be made available in any color, which  makes it advantageous for home owners with unique preferences. Quartz effectively copies the look of natural stones and is a versatile addition to a home layout. Another advantage of quartz is that it is incredibly durable and resistant to stains.

A bathroom countertop made of quartz is a great option because of its ability to withstand normal wear and tear over long periods of time. Another quality attribute of quartz is that it is non-porous and easy to clean. The high cost is the only major downside that goes along with installing quartz in your bathroom vanity. If you are a DIY fanatic, then installing quartz may not be the right option for you, as the process is very delicate and skill-intensive.

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Oklahoma Receives $2 Million Grant for Health Care

Oklahoma Receives $2 Million Grant for Health Care

Proper health care is important to all citizens. There are those suffering from health conditions that have been worsen over time because of the lack of proper treatment and money. Thus, support from the government is very essential in keeping its citizens healthy. Through programs, financial aid and medical provisions, citizens will be enabled to keep their body conditions at a healthy level.

The state of Oklahoma has recently received added funding that they can funnel toward the improvement of health care for its citizens. A $2-million-dollar grant was received by the state to be used to improve the quality of health care offered to its citizens. They are also aiming to create ways to decrease costs of health care. Improved health system performance is part of the improvement project proposed.

The grant will overall be used for the community health system. The 12-month project on health improvements will begin on February 1, 2015.

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Organization Tips for Walk-In Closets

Organization Tips for Walk-In Closets

Is the walk in closet in your home being overrun by clutter? If your closet is lately behaving more like a black hole in which your clothing seems to just disappear than an actual storage facility, maybe it’s time to get organized!

Having a walk-in closet gives you storage versatility. However, sometimes a generous space can be as problematic and troublesome as one that is very small.

Here are some organizing techniques to make your walk in closet design user-friendly.

  1. You have to make time to clean out the closet and getting rid of the items that you haven’t used in a while or those you don’t use at all. Don’t organize items that are not needed so that you will have more space, just throw them out.
  2. Make use of the dead space in your walk-in closet by making sure that you have boxes on the floor and hooks on the wall that items can be hung from. This will work wonders as you try to find enough space for any other material needing storage.
  3. Make walk-in closet organization and laundry day easier by adding a hamper inside your walk-in closet or a divided laundry bag, which allows you to pre-sort items before wash day. Opt for a hamper with handles or wheels so you can easily move them at any time. You can free up floor space with an over-the-door design.
  4. Keeping your shoes visible, sorted and easy to access can encourage an efficient cleanup routine. There are several shoe storage option for walk-in closets, from small cubbies to spacious pullout shelves.
  5. Purchase walk-in closet organizers. They come in a wide variety; some are costly and eloquent whereas others are inexpensive and simple. Your choice will depend on your budget and taste. Be creative and make for yourself a closet that is organized enough to allow you to function.

Storing clothes and accessories in a well organized closet has countless benefits. It is not surprising that a national survey revealed that 50% of recent home buyers wanted a walk-in closet in the master bedroom.

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Seventh Annual SandRidge Santa Run in OKC

Seventh Annual SandRidge Santa Run in OKC

Want to see hundreds of Santa Clauses running through the streets? How about elves in cool holiday costumes? This coming Saturday, witness one of the most exciting holiday events in Oklahoma City! The 7th Annual Sand Ridge Santa Run will be held in downtown OKC and everyone is invited to join or simply to enjoy watching the race.

The 7th Annual Sand Ridge Santa Run will start at Leadership Square, 211 N. Robinson. Runners can choose from different races including the 5K Run, the 1 Mile Fun Run and the Kid’s Dash. All races will start and end at the square.

Runners in any of the runs are encouraged to dress up in various holiday costumes including Santa Claus, elves or any other seasonal characters. Runners in costumes can then join the costume contest and win a prize for as much as $150. Three winners will be announced for the costume contest.

Awards will be handed out to the top five male and top five female finishers. Registration costs will be at set at $35 for the 5K and $20 for the 1-Mile fun run. The Kid’s Dash will be free and open to kids ages 8 and below.

The Oklahoma City Thunder mascot Rumble the Bison will be making an appearance as well as the Thunder Girls! There are also other guests such as Penelope, the Oklahoma City Ballet’s dancing hippo and a life-size Nutcracker.

The annual SandRidge Santa Run would not be complete without a charity to benefit their fundraising. This year, the event will benefit Downtown Oklahoma City, Inc and the CASA of Oklahoma County. Downtown Oklahoma City, Inc. helps promote the downtown area of the city. CASA of Oklahoma County offers support and care to abused and neglected children in the Oklahoma County juvenile court system.

Come and enjoy the SandRidge Santa Run this coming Saturday, December 13th. All races kick off at 9am.

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Choosing Quality Sofa Slip Covers

Choosing Quality Sofa Slip Covers

If you’re to give your home furniture a new look without spending too much, you may want to consider using slip covers. Slip covers are a low cost way to update the look of your home’s interior decor as well as to protect your favorite sofas.

With several options on the market nowadays, it may seem like a quite a task to look for the perfect sofa slip covers for your needs. Below are few tips that will help you find the right type of covers, materials and fabrics that will give you with just the optimal combination of looks, style and functionality.

  1. Material. Choosing the fabric of your sofa slip covers should be the first task you consider. Slip covers come in several different varieties and each variety has its own use. You can opt for heavy duty fabrics such as corduroy for high traffic areas, as these fabrics can be easily cleaned, hold their color and maintain their shape under a great deal of wear and tear. However, you can also go with a fabric choice that is more delicate for areas with less traffic.
  2. Can be easily washed. Try to choose a sofa slip cover that does not easily stain. If this option is not available, look for one that can easily be washed. You may want to consider buying materials such as denim or cotton, which can be easily thrown into the wash machine.
  3. Colors. Carefully consider the colors. Try to look for slip covers with two different colors that will allow you to change out the look of the room from time to time.
  4. Budget. Try getting ready-made slips from the store rather than having slip covers made. Ready-made slip covers follow today’s standardized furniture sizing scheme, which may make them hard to use with unique seating or older furniture pieces.
  5. Designs. There are several designs that you can choose from when looking for sofa slip covers, including traditional as well as modern, fun, and formal designs.

Your sofa slip cover needs to be carefully chosen as it is the first thing that your guests will notice when entering your living room.

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OKC City Council Agrees to Open Martin Park Nature Center

OKC City Council Agrees to Open Martin Park Nature Center

The Martin Park Nature Center is one of the beautiful natural attractions in Oklahoma City that offers a 2.5-mile hiking trail, playground for the kids, and an educational center. People have been visiting the park for years not only to learn and be acquainted with what nature has to offer but also to bond with their families and friends.

Just this week, the Oklahoma City Council agreed to open the park for the whole week at extended operating hours to accommodate more visitors. Prior to the approval, the park is only opened from Wednesdays to Sundays from 9am to 6pm.

Under the new proposal, the Martin Park Nature Center will be opened daily from 5am to 9pm in the spring and summer and 5am to 6pm in the fall and winter. The education center will also be opened until 9pm in the spring and summer and 6pm in fall and winter, but will remain closed on Mondays.

According to Park’s Director Doug Kupper, the new proposal will accommodate those who wish to come to the park earlier in the day. The Friends of Martin Nature Park advocacy group suggested to extend the hours. They indicated that such a proposal will encourage more visitors to the park, especially photographers who want to take photos near dawn and sunset as well as  schoolchildren who desire to learn more about nature.

The new hours of operation will become effective next year, starting January 2nd.

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The Five Best Fabrics to Use for Curtains

The Five Best Fabrics to Use for Curtains

Dressing up your windows is one of the most essential features of any home decor plan and thus, it is important to select the best fabric for curtains.

There’s more to shopping for curtain fabric than seeking out the perfect print or weave that complements the color scheme of your home’s interior. It helps to be aware of the various choices available when making a decision on the type of fabric for your curtains.

Below are the popular materials used in the production of curtain fabrics:
1. Cotton. Cotton is one of the most common fabrics used in the creation of curtains. It comes in several different patterns, weights, colors, designs and finishes. However, cotton does have a tendency to shrink and easily wrinkle. These curtains should be used in windows that do not get direct sunlight as sunlight can weaken the fabric.
2. Silk. This fabric is one of the most luxuriant materials used in the creation of curtains. They are often woven into different patterns and style which can be perfect for creating formal windows.
3. Chintz. This cotton fabric is often used for drapery due to its glazed finish. It is finely textured and closely woven. It can be patterned with bright designs, such as flowers and geometric shapes.
4. Damask. This is a heavier type of fabric which is usually made from silk, although it can be found in cotton, wool or a combination of cotton, wool and satin. Damask is often composed of raised designs and should be used with layers of other thinner materials.
5. Acrylic. This is a lightweight fabric used for curtains in rooms where you are trying to perpetuate a warm cozy feel, such as living room or bedrooms. However, you have to avoid using this fabric in areas where the curtains will be easily rubbed against as it does tend to flake off, diminishing its visual appeal.
Now that you have a basic knowledge of the available fabrics, you should be able to narrow down your choice based on the look you are trying to achieve and the budget you are working with.

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