OKC City Council Agrees to Open Martin Park Nature Center

OKC City Council Agrees to Open Martin Park Nature Center

The Martin Park Nature Center is one of the beautiful natural attractions in Oklahoma City that offers a 2.5-mile hiking trail, playground for the kids, and an educational center. People have been visiting the park for years not only to learn and be acquainted with what nature has to offer but also to bond with their families and friends.

Just this week, the Oklahoma City Council agreed to open the park for the whole week at extended operating hours to accommodate more visitors. Prior to the approval, the park is only opened from Wednesdays to Sundays from 9am to 6pm.

Under the new proposal, the Martin Park Nature Center will be opened daily from 5am to 9pm in the spring and summer and 5am to 6pm in the fall and winter. The education center will also be opened until 9pm in the spring and summer and 6pm in fall and winter, but will remain closed on Mondays.

According to Park’s Director Doug Kupper, the new proposal will accommodate those who wish to come to the park earlier in the day. The Friends of Martin Nature Park advocacy group suggested to extend the hours. They indicated that such a proposal will encourage more visitors to the park, especially photographers who want to take photos near dawn and sunset as well as  schoolchildren who desire to learn more about nature.

The new hours of operation will become effective next year, starting January 2nd.

Cindy Daniel
Oklahoma City Real Estate


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