Choosing Quality Sofa Slip Covers

Choosing Quality Sofa Slip Covers

If you’re to give your home furniture a new look without spending too much, you may want to consider using slip covers. Slip covers are a low cost way to update the look of your home’s interior decor as well as to protect your favorite sofas.

With several options on the market nowadays, it may seem like a quite a task to look for the perfect sofa slip covers for your needs. Below are few tips that will help you find the right type of covers, materials and fabrics that will give you with just the optimal combination of looks, style and functionality.

  1. Material. Choosing the fabric of your sofa slip covers should be the first task you consider. Slip covers come in several different varieties and each variety has its own use. You can opt for heavy duty fabrics such as corduroy for high traffic areas, as these fabrics can be easily cleaned, hold their color and maintain their shape under a great deal of wear and tear. However, you can also go with a fabric choice that is more delicate for areas with less traffic.
  2. Can be easily washed. Try to choose a sofa slip cover that does not easily stain. If this option is not available, look for one that can easily be washed. You may want to consider buying materials such as denim or cotton, which can be easily thrown into the wash machine.
  3. Colors. Carefully consider the colors. Try to look for slip covers with two different colors that will allow you to change out the look of the room from time to time.
  4. Budget. Try getting ready-made slips from the store rather than having slip covers made. Ready-made slip covers follow today’s standardized furniture sizing scheme, which may make them hard to use with unique seating or older furniture pieces.
  5. Designs. There are several designs that you can choose from when looking for sofa slip covers, including traditional as well as modern, fun, and formal designs.

Your sofa slip cover needs to be carefully chosen as it is the first thing that your guests will notice when entering your living room.

Cindy Daniel
Oklahoma City Real Estate


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