Organization Tips for Walk-In Closets

Organization Tips for Walk-In Closets

Is the walk in closet in your home being overrun by clutter? If your closet is lately behaving more like a black hole in which your clothing seems to just disappear than an actual storage facility, maybe it’s time to get organized!

Having a walk-in closet gives you storage versatility. However, sometimes a generous space can be as problematic and troublesome as one that is very small.

Here are some organizing techniques to make your walk in closet design user-friendly.

  1. You have to make time to clean out the closet and getting rid of the items that you haven’t used in a while or those you don’t use at all. Don’t organize items that are not needed so that you will have more space, just throw them out.
  2. Make use of the dead space in your walk-in closet by making sure that you have boxes on the floor and hooks on the wall that items can be hung from. This will work wonders as you try to find enough space for any other material needing storage.
  3. Make walk-in closet organization and laundry day easier by adding a hamper inside your walk-in closet or a divided laundry bag, which allows you to pre-sort items before wash day. Opt for a hamper with handles or wheels so you can easily move them at any time. You can free up floor space with an over-the-door design.
  4. Keeping your shoes visible, sorted and easy to access can encourage an efficient cleanup routine. There are several shoe storage option for walk-in closets, from small cubbies to spacious pullout shelves.
  5. Purchase walk-in closet organizers. They come in a wide variety; some are costly and eloquent whereas others are inexpensive and simple. Your choice will depend on your budget and taste. Be creative and make for yourself a closet that is organized enough to allow you to function.

Storing clothes and accessories in a well organized closet has countless benefits. It is not surprising that a national survey revealed that 50% of recent home buyers wanted a walk-in closet in the master bedroom.

Cindy Daniel
Oklahoma City Real Estate


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