Oklahoma Receives $2 Million Grant for Health Care

Oklahoma Receives $2 Million Grant for Health Care

Proper health care is important to all citizens. There are those suffering from health conditions that have been worsen over time because of the lack of proper treatment and money. Thus, support from the government is very essential in keeping its citizens healthy. Through programs, financial aid and medical provisions, citizens will be enabled to keep their body conditions at a healthy level.

The state of Oklahoma has recently received added funding that they can funnel toward the improvement of health care for its citizens. A $2-million-dollar grant was received by the state to be used to improve the quality of health care offered to its citizens. They are also aiming to create ways to decrease costs of health care. Improved health system performance is part of the improvement project proposed.

The grant will overall be used for the community health system. The 12-month project on health improvements will begin on February 1, 2015.

Cindy Daniel
Oklahoma City Real Estate


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