Oklahoma County Sheriff’s Office Proposes A Safer Place to Transact with Strangers

Oklahoma County Sheriff’s Office Proposes A Safer Place to Transact with Strangers

Whether business or personal, physical meet-ups organized over online venues with complete strangers have the potential to be dangerous. The unknown factor in any situation where an individual is personally interacting with a stranger could lead to any number of unforeseeable misfortunes.

In order to minimize negative outcomes from these events, the Oklahoma County Sheriff’s Office is proposing a safer way to meet with strangers in a risk-free environment. OCSO is offering their sub-stations and offices as meet up places for those who have deals they would like to conduct with people they haven’t met in person yet.

The primary goal of the OCSO is to monitor those who are dealing with strangers and offer visible protection. OCSO welcomes any meet-up transactions during their office open hours. The locations of these offices and substations include the Oklahoma County Sheriff’s Office and Detention Center at 201 N. Shartel, OKC, Quail Springs Mall substation (NE upper entry) at 2501 W. Memorial Road, OKC, Deer Creek substation at 3700 N.W. 206, Suite A., Deer Creek and the Midwest City substation at 8029 S.E. 29th Street, MWC.

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Maintaining an Organized Home Office

Maintaining an Organized Home Office

Home offices are becoming increasingly more popular due to their convenience and accessibility. Home offices can have transformational benefits to your business, not only as far as convenience is concerned, but also in regards to cost. You can easily operate your small company from the comfort of your home without the burden of transportation and additional property expenditures. However, if the home office is to be shared closely with family spacethere is a greater propensity for a chaotic mix of the two. It can be challenging to keep the home office organized in the face of numerous files, papers and other clutter.

To begin organizing your home office, try to keep all yourpapers and files, office supplies and equipment in their rightful places. Start sorting them according to their type and whether they are still needed or can be disposed of. Only keep what you know you use or are going to be using within the next few months. It is essential to get rid of what you can no longer use to save space and storage for those you will need on a day to day basis.

Now that you have sorted all your various items into their rightful categories, you can now start planning your environment in order to achieve an effective home office. Take an inventory of all the items you are keeping and then draw a plan for the layout of your office, including items of furniture and file storage unites

Now that you have an idea where everything should belong in your office, it’s time to start placing your grouped items where they belong. You may need to purchase organizers like file cabinets, cork boards, calendars and file racks. These will help you keep your office organized. Once you have bought and arranged your storage unites, you will have an organized home office that is easy to work out of. Remember that your ability to maintain a clean and clutter-free workspace will dictate your productivity.

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Oklahoma City Zoo Hosts Job Fair

New jobs are coming your way this weekend from an unexpected place! Jobs are now available at the Oklahoma City Zoo and positions will be showcased this weekend at a job fair hosted at Metro Technology Center. If you’re looking to serve nature in a hands-on capacity, a job at the zoo may be the perfect choice for you!

A fully accredited member of the Association of Zoos and Aquariums and the American Association of Museums, the Oklahoma City Zoo offers both the amenities of a live exhibit and a botanical garden. The zoo features more than 1,500 species of animals and plants.

Some job positions available are in food and guest services, alongside opportunities in the custodial department. These jobs are open for those of 16 years old and older, passionate and professional with excellent customer service skills. There are also seasonal jobs open for those who are available only on weekends, evenings or during holidays. These employment opportunities will start on March 1th and last until October 31st.

Come and apply at the Oklahoma City Zoo’s job fair on Friday, January 23th, and Saturday, January 24th, at the Metro Technology Center’s Springlake Campus at the Economic Development Center. The job fair will begin at 1pm and run until 7pm on Friday and from 10am to 4pm on Saturday.

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Using Color Psychology to Help Decorate YourHome

Using Color Psychology to Help Decorate YourHome

The idea of color psychology may be a foreign concept to someMany home-owners often overlook the importance of the color choices they make for their home and consequently, follow popular trends that may clash with their home’s decorative integrity

Color psychology plays an essential role in the identification of the perfectly-themed decor style that your home deserves. Did you know that the different colors, when used in interior design, have effects on us that we are sometimes not aware of? The colors you choose will impact the mood and tone of a room, which can to a certain extent, impact the attitudes of people. Certain colors soothe while others provoke aggressive emotions. 

For an instance, the bright colors such as vibrant shades of green and blue, yellow and orange provide an expansive feeling. These are friendly, happy colors that encourage communication. These are perfect colors for your dining area and kitchen.

Warm colors like orange and yellow hues provide a cheerful feeling and raise the perceived temperature of a room. For that reason, they are best for rooms that inspire activity. Avoid applying them in rooms meant for relaxation, such as the bedroom.

Another color you can use for your dining area is the color red. It is bold and provocative, which can awaken the senses as well as stimulate the appetite. Restaurateurs even take advantage of this concept to attract customers and keep them coming back.

Muted colors such as sky blue, on the other hand, suggest feelings of calmness and peace. In fact, researchers who study the psychology of color for interior design purposes painted prison cells several years ago with color blue in an attempt to alter the inmate’s mood and temperaments.  A person who wants their bedroom to become a haven of peace after hard day’s work would find calming colors such as celadon or sky blue incredibly satisfying.

Colors are capable of affecting human beings in many subtle ways. By using the principles of color psychology, you can make your home stand out from the competition and sell more quickly at a higher price.

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New Cycling Ordinance Proposed in Oklahoma City

New Cycling Ordinance Proposed in Oklahoma City

Due to its numerous health benefits and recreational attributes, cycling is rapidly growing in popularity across Oklahoma City.  The city has long since been moving towards a more immersive and bike-friendly atmosphere, but has been a slow adaptor as its geographical size and layout doesn’t lend itself to safe biking.

This week, Oklahoma City Councilman Pat Ryan had proposed a change in the cycling ordinance that will provide better safety to both cyclists and vehicles. The ordinance change proposes a three-foot distance separation between all cyclists to passing vehicles.

According to Councilman Ryan, the new change will equalize standards of both cyclists and vehicles. The change will prohibit vehicles from passing cyclist in lanes that are adjacent and heading in the same direction. In addition, cyclists will also have to be at least three feet away from vehicles they are passing until they have completely passed by.

A consensus will be held to decide on the resolution January 27th. The Council will discuss the proposal during a meeting scheduled for January 20th.

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Hardwood Floor Scratches: Prevention and Removal

Hardwood Floor Scratches Prevention and Removal

Your hardwood floor represents a significant value to your home. They add a class and atmosphere that is unparalleled in its ability to attract potential buyers. If you own a hardwood floor, you already know by now just how fragile it can be when it comes to spills, accidents or scratches. We’re going to show you some strategies for repairing damage done to hardwood, focusing primarily on scratches and gouges.

When your hardwood floor is injured, assess how bad the situation is. A scratch is generally a visible, but not deep, marking on your hardwood floors surface.  These can be caused by the improper transportation of furniture, shattered glass, or a myriad of other things. In contrast, a gouge is a deep indentation caused by traumatic blunt force.  Identify which situation you are dealing with before you initiate any kind of repair. This will save you an incredible amount of time, money, and frustration.

Surface scratches can easily be fixed by a Tibetan Almond Stick, while deeper scratches may require a variety of putties. Follow the instructions on the package for specific use, as each product will vary slightly in application. Another option for treating your deeper gouges is to use wood filler. Unfortunately, wood filler won’t often match the color of the wood, though you can stain over it once it has been applied.

In rare circumstances, a floor is so damaged that it leaves you no choice but to refinish it. This might require a professional depending on your budget and the size of the area in question.

Hardwood floors are a popular type of flooring which add warmth, beauty and timeless style to your home. Considering their value, you should look to protect your investment from any excess substances which can cause it harm.

Prevention is the best course of action when approaching hardwood floor upkeep. Try fixing rubber pads on the legs of chairs and tables so that your hardwood flooring will be protected when furniture is jostled, or consider soft paw caps for your animals.

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Volunteers Needed for American Cancer Society Open House

Volunteers Needed for American Cancer Society Open House

Cancer has long since been one of the deadliest diseases known to plague our modern culture. Thousands of men and women across the country have been battling cancer for years, struggling through the terrible pain of endless treatments. Fortunately, with many modern breakthroughs in cancer treatments, more and more people survive to tell their beautiful stories of faith and determination.

The American Cancer Society is a non-profit organization that aims to help cancer patients through various support activities. The organization is community-based and focuses on providing information and support regarding prevention, detection, and treatment.

This coming January 15th, the American Cancer Society will be holding an open house featuring different programs and volunteer opportunities to the public. The open house will inform those present of how the organization works, what they are working towards, and the people they are helping. This is intended to motivate communities to take action and encourage volunteers to sign up.

Those who want to volunteer have a number of programs to choose from. These events are The Cattle Baron’s Ball – a Western-style gala and dinner, Relay for Life – an outdoor event celebrating cancer survivors and their caregivers, and the Bark For Life – a community event for dogs and dog-owners. Come and visit the American Cancer Society on January 15th, from 6pm to 8pm. at their Oklahoma City office. The open house is free of charge to all.

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