What to Do with Your Christmas Tree After the Holidays








A Christmas tree adds magic to your home during the holidays, as it glitters and glows decorated with lights and ornaments. What is welcomed decor during Christmas, however, can quickly become a burden afterward if you don’t know how to dispose of the tree.

Below are several options for how you can discard your Christmas tree after the holidays:

  • Use as firewood. Cut the branches and use them as logs and kindling for your fireplace. It will save you money on buying fire wood and is also an eco-friendly option because none of the tree goes to waste.
  • Use as plant coverings for your garden. Cut the branches off your tree and place them over your garden areas. They will protect the ground from becoming as cold by insulating it, which will improve the quality of your plans when they return in the spring.
  • Use for barriers against soil erosion. Cut and arrange the tree branches in areas that are prone to erosion. This is an especially great option if you live along a river or lake or if you have a pond or sizable drainage ditches on your property.
  • Use as mulch. Chop up your tree, have it shredded, and use the wood chips to mulch your garden. This can save you a lot of money on landscaping because mulch can be expensive.
  • Use for crafting materials. Slice the trunk of the tree and use the pieces of wood as canvases for artwork or natural decorative elements in your home.
  • Deliver to a recycling center. If you don’t know how to recycle your Christmas tree, then let others do it for you. Most cities have recycling centers for Christmas trees after the holidays or special curbside pickup options.

Cindy Daniel
Oklahoma City Real Estate


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