Oklahoma City Public Schools Receives Grant for Programs Assisting At-Risk Students

Oklahoma City Public Schools Receives Grant for Programs Assisting At-Risk Students

Education is so fundamentally important that schools must do everything that they can from preventing students from dropping out before they have graduated. Students who drop out of school significantly reduce their chances of establishing a good career for themselves because they limit their opportunities since most jobs require at least a basic level of education.

AT&T has recently offered its support to reducing the number of drop-outs by offering a grant to Oklahoma City Public Schools (OKCPS). The $15,000 grant was recently provided through the National Academy Foundation (NAF), and it will be used to establish career-themed academies in schools that have a high percentage of at-risk students.

There are currently ten academies offered by OKCPS, and they are actively working with NAF to establish two more academies byAugust. The academies will help students prepare for higher level career programs like engineering. They will also offer special assistance to help each student improve their math skills.

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Different Types of Driveways

Different Types of Driveways

The majority of homeowners are looking for ways to improve their home and make it look more attractive, durable… and also stylish to-boot. Everyone knows “kitchen’s and bathroom’s” are great places to put your money to see a return – many will also look at renovating their garage. However, our driveway is one area of our home that we  often overlook updating and improving.

There are several types of driveways that you can choose from when it comes to updating. The most popular types of driveways you can find in most homes are the following.

  1. Brick Driveways: This type of driveway can add more charm and elegance to your home. It comes in a wide range of colors and patterns. Bricks usually come in red, tan, pink and a deep red-almost-purple. Choose the color that will blend well with the color of your home well, and the details of your home’s architectural design such as the lamppost, mailbox hardware and gates. You can also create interesting and elegant free flowing patterns and designs with different kind of bricks.
  2. Concrete Driveways: The concrete driveway is probably the most common type worldwide, with a standard concrete coming in various shades of grey. Recent trends have even begun using “stamps” in concrete to dress up these traditionally drab slabs with prints and patterns. This driveway is very strong, hard-wearing material that requires minimal – to no – maintenance.
  3. Paving driveways: Some driveways are built by using a combination of two or three materials. Pacing stones, brick pavers and natural stones are the common pavers used. They can make driveways look more attractive. However, this type of driveway needs more time and is somewhat difficult to install. Paving driveways are also more expensive and typically require higher maintenance.
  4. Pattern Imprinted: As mentioned previously, imprinted concrete driveways have grown to become quite popular. These are by far the best driveways on the market place that require minimal maintenance that last for a lifetime. You can add several effects the mimic the appearance of slate, granite, flags, block pavers, cobbles, etc., to improve on the overall looks of the entire home while simultaneously adding value!

Keep in mind that since the driveway can be both functional and decorative at the same time, you need to think carefully about what you mostly need it to be. This will save you money, time, and stress when you start building your driveway.

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Funds Approved for Bricktown Renovations

Funds Approved for Bricktown Renovations

As the most popular entertainment district in downtown Oklahoma City, Bricktown offers a plethora of attractions enjoyed both by locals and tourists alikeSpecialty restaurants, ballpark, a 16-screen movie theatre and a beautiful canal are just a few of its attractions. The district is also a cultural destination, indicated in its display of murals and sculptures.

Bricktown boasts a rich and prosperous history. Over Oklahoma City’s history, four railroad companies once operated in the historic Bricktown area. The Black Dispatch, the first black newspaper in the city, was founded within the district. 

By the 1990’s the MAPs project helped transform the district from a few blocks of abandoned industrial buildings into a vibrant entertainment locality. Since the advent of the program,the MAPS project has added a baseball stadium, an arena and a water canal

Oklahoma City Officials are planning to implement a renovation project in Bricktown to further increase its development. A $1.5 million budget was approved by the City as funding to renovate the district.

The first phase of the project will include repairs and replacements. Stairs, sidewalks, handrails and pavers will be repaired and replaced if needed. These operations will start in April and are expected to be finish by June. After the first phase, the second phase will include major landscaping renovations.

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Home Improvement: Tile Fireplace Designs

Home Improvement Tile Fireplace Designs

A home’s fireplace is a heavy factor in the appeal a home has to potential buyers. In fact, some home buyers list the fireplace as one of their major criteria when looking for a new home, as it is one of the central focal points of the living area. Fireplaces do not only contribute to the beauty of a home but they also add tremendous value to it.

There are a number of fireplace designs available today; making it a challenging task to pick the one best suited to your home. If you’re after a clean look, then tile fireplace designs are ideal for you.

You have numerous options for creating your own fireplace tile designs. You can even tackle it as a do-it-yourself project by purchasing a ready made kit from a local home improvement shop or plan a special custom project involving a contractor.

You might wonder what variety of material is available for your tile fireplace design. You don’t have to stick with traditional ceramic tiles only as there are multitude of interesting texture and tiles to choose from.

You might opt for pebble fireplace tiles which will give you an excellent opportunity to bring a natural flare into your home design. It is created by fixing together identical flat stones carefully sorted and mounted onto a seamless mesh-backed tile. The stones can be found in a wide variety of colors and sizes, so don’t limit your creative opportunity when you start searching for the perfect design.

You can also consider using the shiny veneer of glass tiles to make your fireplace the focal point of the room. The designs on glass tile are remarkably colourful and can really stand out. You can opt for circular patterns rather than going with symmetrical shapes, as spherical patterns tend to make the fireplace instantly noticeable.

It can pay to have basic knowledge of how the tile will look and how long it will last when it comes to choosing tile. One way to learn if a specific brand or type of tile will work in a room is to check pictures of fireplaces that were created with that specific material. Try to see how one of those tiles looks next to your walls and floors to help you determine if you will like that particular material installed inside your home.

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New Recycling Stations Installed in Downtown OKC

New Recycling Stations Installed in Downtown OKC

Recycling waste can significantly help keep our streets, communities, and cities clean. Dump sites represent countless tons of plastic and aluminum material that may have been repurposed if the proper disposal unites had been available to the public.

In the spirit of economic environmentalismthe Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ) and Downtown OKC Inc. have collaborated to fund the installation of five new big belly recycling stations. The five high-tech receptacles will be diversified across the city in locations which previously lacked proper access to recycling venues. 

The new recycling stations will increase the number of existing locations to nine. Each station will have an opening for trash as well as a solar-powered compactor that can hold as much as five times it’s volume. Other openings will be allocated for recycling papers, glasses, plastics and aluminums. 

A wireless network is installed in each unit to alert maintenance staff when the recycling compartments are reaching their capacity. DEQ will be providing $23,352 for the acquisition of the stations. The City will be paying for the installation costs while Downtown OKC Inc. will be adding the new stations to their maintenance contract.

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Design Tips: Decorating Bare Walls

Design Tips Decorating Bare Walls

Redesigning a room can be an extensive and costly process, or it can be simple and painless. You don’t need to purchase a whole new collection of decor to make your walls stand out. Follow this advice for decorating the walls in your home:

  1. Begin with a wall that has a solid color scheme. Find antique or late-modern style ceramic plates from your local decor outlet, and arrange them tastefully on your wall. If you’re feeling creative, you can purchase plain ceramics and paint them yourselves to give your wall your own personal touch of style.
  2. Wall mirrors. These unique additions to your decorative collection are sure to add a whole new dimension to your living space. White, distressed wood frames complement darker colored walls, while matching small-framed mirrors will complement a more modern interior.
  3. Wall stickers. The greatest advantage of wall stickers is that they can be effortlessly removed and placed anywhere you like, making them be extremely useful for those who wish to change their style with ease. You can have your own images, paintings and artwork turned into wall stickers of your choice.
  4. Picture frames. Pictures are an excellent way to give your wall character. The best results can be found by placing frames in groupings of four to five, with varying sizes among them. Maintaining balance is the paramont factor in successful wall decoration.
  5. Wall clock. A unique wall clock could change the whole energy a room emits. There are thousands of designs to choose from, so make sure you research your options before committing to a style.

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Oklahoma Heritage Association Offers Scholarship to High School Students

Oklahoma Heritage Association Offers Scholarship to High School StudentsStudent scholarships lift a massive financial burden from families who are unable to fully fund their children’s education. By obtaining scholarships, students are able to enjoy a quality education without falling into crippling debt.

In Oklahoma City, deserving students will have a chance to receive a full scholarship offered by the Oklahoma Heritage Association. The association is offering a four-year, $10,000 John and Mary Scholarship to qualified high school seniors in Oklahoma.

The Oklahoma Heritage Association continues to provide support and preservation to the rich history of the state. Many outreach and sponsorship programs are organized by the association in order to make a positive impact in Oklahoma communities. A branch of this program under the umbrella of this association is the John and Mary Nichols Scholarship, funded by the Nichols themselves.

Students who are qualified for the scholarship must possess excellent academic qualities. They must also show exceptional leadership and love for the state. Students must also demonstrate excellence in Oklahoma history classes and must be seniors in high school, committing to attend college the next school year.

The deadline for the submission of this application will be February 27th.

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