Oklahoma Heritage Association Offers Scholarship to High School Students

Oklahoma Heritage Association Offers Scholarship to High School StudentsStudent scholarships lift a massive financial burden from families who are unable to fully fund their children’s education. By obtaining scholarships, students are able to enjoy a quality education without falling into crippling debt.

In Oklahoma City, deserving students will have a chance to receive a full scholarship offered by the Oklahoma Heritage Association. The association is offering a four-year, $10,000 John and Mary Scholarship to qualified high school seniors in Oklahoma.

The Oklahoma Heritage Association continues to provide support and preservation to the rich history of the state. Many outreach and sponsorship programs are organized by the association in order to make a positive impact in Oklahoma communities. A branch of this program under the umbrella of this association is the John and Mary Nichols Scholarship, funded by the Nichols themselves.

Students who are qualified for the scholarship must possess excellent academic qualities. They must also show exceptional leadership and love for the state. Students must also demonstrate excellence in Oklahoma history classes and must be seniors in high school, committing to attend college the next school year.

The deadline for the submission of this application will be February 27th.

Cindy Daniel
Oklahoma City Real Estate


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