New Recycling Stations Installed in Downtown OKC

New Recycling Stations Installed in Downtown OKC

Recycling waste can significantly help keep our streets, communities, and cities clean. Dump sites represent countless tons of plastic and aluminum material that may have been repurposed if the proper disposal unites had been available to the public.

In the spirit of economic environmentalismthe Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ) and Downtown OKC Inc. have collaborated to fund the installation of five new big belly recycling stations. The five high-tech receptacles will be diversified across the city in locations which previously lacked proper access to recycling venues. 

The new recycling stations will increase the number of existing locations to nine. Each station will have an opening for trash as well as a solar-powered compactor that can hold as much as five times it’s volume. Other openings will be allocated for recycling papers, glasses, plastics and aluminums. 

A wireless network is installed in each unit to alert maintenance staff when the recycling compartments are reaching their capacity. DEQ will be providing $23,352 for the acquisition of the stations. The City will be paying for the installation costs while Downtown OKC Inc. will be adding the new stations to their maintenance contract.

Cindy Daniel
Oklahoma City Real Estate


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