Home Improvement: Tile Fireplace Designs

Home Improvement Tile Fireplace Designs

A home’s fireplace is a heavy factor in the appeal a home has to potential buyers. In fact, some home buyers list the fireplace as one of their major criteria when looking for a new home, as it is one of the central focal points of the living area. Fireplaces do not only contribute to the beauty of a home but they also add tremendous value to it.

There are a number of fireplace designs available today; making it a challenging task to pick the one best suited to your home. If you’re after a clean look, then tile fireplace designs are ideal for you.

You have numerous options for creating your own fireplace tile designs. You can even tackle it as a do-it-yourself project by purchasing a ready made kit from a local home improvement shop or plan a special custom project involving a contractor.

You might wonder what variety of material is available for your tile fireplace design. You don’t have to stick with traditional ceramic tiles only as there are multitude of interesting texture and tiles to choose from.

You might opt for pebble fireplace tiles which will give you an excellent opportunity to bring a natural flare into your home design. It is created by fixing together identical flat stones carefully sorted and mounted onto a seamless mesh-backed tile. The stones can be found in a wide variety of colors and sizes, so don’t limit your creative opportunity when you start searching for the perfect design.

You can also consider using the shiny veneer of glass tiles to make your fireplace the focal point of the room. The designs on glass tile are remarkably colourful and can really stand out. You can opt for circular patterns rather than going with symmetrical shapes, as spherical patterns tend to make the fireplace instantly noticeable.

It can pay to have basic knowledge of how the tile will look and how long it will last when it comes to choosing tile. One way to learn if a specific brand or type of tile will work in a room is to check pictures of fireplaces that were created with that specific material. Try to see how one of those tiles looks next to your walls and floors to help you determine if you will like that particular material installed inside your home.

Cindy Daniel
Oklahoma City Real Estate


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