Funds Approved for Bricktown Renovations

Funds Approved for Bricktown Renovations

As the most popular entertainment district in downtown Oklahoma City, Bricktown offers a plethora of attractions enjoyed both by locals and tourists alikeSpecialty restaurants, ballpark, a 16-screen movie theatre and a beautiful canal are just a few of its attractions. The district is also a cultural destination, indicated in its display of murals and sculptures.

Bricktown boasts a rich and prosperous history. Over Oklahoma City’s history, four railroad companies once operated in the historic Bricktown area. The Black Dispatch, the first black newspaper in the city, was founded within the district. 

By the 1990’s the MAPs project helped transform the district from a few blocks of abandoned industrial buildings into a vibrant entertainment locality. Since the advent of the program,the MAPS project has added a baseball stadium, an arena and a water canal

Oklahoma City Officials are planning to implement a renovation project in Bricktown to further increase its development. A $1.5 million budget was approved by the City as funding to renovate the district.

The first phase of the project will include repairs and replacements. Stairs, sidewalks, handrails and pavers will be repaired and replaced if needed. These operations will start in April and are expected to be finish by June. After the first phase, the second phase will include major landscaping renovations.

Cindy Daniel
Oklahoma City Real Estate


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