Let Outdoor Path Lighting Light the Way to Your Home

Let Outdoor Path Lighting Light the Way to Your Home

Outdoor path lighting is a beautiful way to light the pathways around your home and allow your landscaping and trees to be seen even during the nighttime hours. It enhances the outside appearance of your home and also serves as a security measure by making your yard more visible from both inside your home and from the street.

The easiest and most popular to light your paths is with mushroom or tiered lights. These lights can be easily installed and placed exactly where you want them. Mushroom lights get their name from their shape, as they resemble a mushroom with a cap on it. The light reflects from underneath the cap back down to the ground, creating a beautiful indirect lighting effect. They work great around driveways or along any path around your property.

If you are conscious of energy consumption and energy costs, solar outdoor path lighting is a great option. These types of lights are usually mounted on narrow poles that easily stick into most terrain types. They don’t require any wiring or electricity, but rather receive their charge from direct sunlight.  When the sun begins to go down, they automatically light up, creating a beautiful, effortless glow. Mushroom lights are usually solar powered because the cap of the mushroom provides adequate space to place a solar panel.

If you’re into using the latest in technology, LED light bulbs provide very energy-efficient lighting as well. LEDs are quickly becoming the path lighting fixture of choice due to their efficient way of consuming energy. LEDs consume 60 percent less energy than regular lights, so you can receive quite a bit of cost savings in the long run.

Cindy Daniel
Oklahoma City Real Estate


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